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Introducing the market leading

Product Realisation

The TUFTAC design is a registered design and has a patent.

We initially did in-house load testing of the Mastic Asphalt infill using low load cast iron manhole covers usually filled with concrete. We achieved remarkable results with the MA infill giving results up to five times stronger than we would have expected.

These first covers are all 600x600 but we have plans to produce a complete range of covers in all the most popular sizes:  

Going forward should there be demand for other sizes and other loadings, a footway loading for example, we are more than capable of developing and manufacturing a TUFTAC version of any current cover configuration.

Our prototype ductile iron cover was then designed to exploit the full potential of the MA filling. Our pre production prototype has now been independently tested by Lloyds British and passed the D400 load test (44 tonnes) both filled and unfilled.   

The cover can be factory filled or supplied to site empty so that the surface finish can matched to the surrounding road surface.

We can supply load test certificates to D400 loading and PRV test results carried out by Devon County Council which gave excellent results.