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Solution   How TUFTAC delivers the solution

The TUFTAC product meets all the current design standards for a conventional manhole cover, so it can be installed in the highway without any special approval.  

However its unique property is that it has a high skid resistance value (SRV), its surface can be dressed to match the SRV of the adjacent highway so not only is it not slippery but also it does not have more grip than the surrounding road, which could also be an issue.  

The cover can be finished in any surface dressing to match the aesthetics of the surrounding surface, red bus lanes, braking areas etc.

There are two principle processes (hot or cold method) employed to produce skid resistant (high friction) surfaces for existing road surfaces with known skidding and braking problems. Both processes use calcined bauxite as it has a high Polished Stone Value (PSV). Calcined bauxite is also an extremely hard aggregate and retains the "sharp" edges and facets produced at the time of crushing for the life of the treatment, this property greatly enhances the skid resistant properties of these surfaces over the use of natural aggregates. These methods are being used extensively by the Highways Agencies to improve safety at accident black spots, however this treatment does work on conventional manhole covers, leaving a very slippery area in an other wise high skid resistant zone. The TUFTAC cover can be treated with either method of applying calcined bauxite or it can be supplied with the coating factory applied.

Demonstrating the cover at MIRA with two different surface finishes

Finished with Calcined Bauxite